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Monday, 25 January 2010

More Playing

I have been doing some studying of Chinese art in preparation for creating characters (three little pigs). As I mentioned before I wanted to make this book more asian than western to get away from the disney cliche.

I did some sketches and making a selection of pieces to be used later as a resource.

Attached is a sketch of a Duan Nue. A painted clay doll that would be used as an ornament. I think she is lovely. I am hoping to include little details like this in the illustrations and maybe they can be interactive.

Also attached is another playing image using Kimono fabric. I used more fabric this time and did all the colouring with inks instead of the usual Photoshop. I really like it and am going to try more like this. Although I think that to get a really polished finish I would have to clean it up in PSD.

There hasn't been much time in the last week to get moving on the ebook but I am hoping to have more time this week developing the characters.

Busy busy.

And I must simply give a big shout out to Brenda Kim from Wootons for so nicely offering to interview me about the upcoming book and offering lots of fab advice and being so supportive. It is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

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