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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Style Ideas and KimoYes

Today I am going to go over some of my thoughts for the style of illustration of the new ebook.

For a while now I have been using paper collage as part of my illustration and have had loads of fun collecting gorgeous papers from around the world. I have had to be dragged out of paper shops by my hair... well sort of.

For the next ebook I am looking at using vintage Kimono fabric for the collage elements. Above is an example of how I would use it. He is a cool giraffe called Rodney that I created for Olla Hellands web group "One Million Giraffes"- check out giraffes people have sent from all over the world.

But I digress.....I was looking for a more textural and interesting look and it's always fun to try something new.

Plus I must admit I have a secret weapon. My wonderful mother in law Jill has her own internet business selling vintage Kimono fabric.
She does a roaring trade in fabric and has just started out making products from the fabric with my sister in law Jane.

While I was in Aus I saw they had lots of little fabric scraps and thought they looked so pretty together that I wanted to use them in my work. Above is a pic of the fabric once I had ironed and sorted it out into colours.

It was harder to cut the fabric accurately as it is all wibbly wobbly but I think that adds to the look and I like the intensity of the colour and pattern.

In other style terms tomorrow I am going to look at some books on Chinese art. Three Little Pigs has been done to death as disneyfied versions so I am looking for a line style which is a little different. As Curnie says "To the library!"

More on that tomorrow......

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