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Friday, 26 February 2010


Last night I gathered up my courage and gave a talk about my experience making iPhone ebooks. I talked to the CamCreative group, which is a bunch of creative types from Cambridge who meet once a month to talk about something in their field.

About 30 people came and some even came just to hear my talk which was a bit daunting. Like any artist I struggle to be complementary about my own work.

But the talk went off well and everyone was very supportive. People were even suggesting I should put myself out there as a touring speaker. Hmmmm that sound way too scary.

A few things have changed in the app world since I last submitted a book. The approval from Apple is now a lot shorter. It took me about 2 weeks but apparently it is now down to two days. Excellent.

There are tools now which can make it easier to get all your data from itunes organised. Previously you would get a barrage of information from each countries itunes store which was pretty unwieldly.

I am also being featured in an article for UK Writers magazine. I will let everyone know when that is out.

All this publicity has been great but I still haven't made much progress on the next book. Soon, soon hopefully I can get cracking on it.

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  1. What about an Aussie tour, hey Fuzz? There must be a CanCreative group around here somewhere.